Say goodbye to the bulky appraisal review technologies of yesterday, and say hello to the speed and ease of Quality Edge.

Quality Edge is Centric’s flagship product and the first technology to combine the most powerful, configurable appraisal review platform with the simplest, most intuitive, user-friendly interface.

At Centric, we believe you can’t be the best technology if you’re not also the easiest to use. That’s why we created Quality Edge.

Fast, Deep Customizability

Customize rulesets and algorithms in days

Why settle for bulky standard rulesets and days-long delays for custom rules? With Quality Edge, you can customize your own rulesets and even add your own algorithms in one to two days, so you can truly do business your way—faster.

Always-On Checklist

Identify and locate issues with one click

An always-on checklist on the right side of the screen identifies findings for each category of your Quality Edge report. See an issue you’d like to explore? A single click takes you directly to the area in question, no searching or scrolling required.

Easy-Access Appraisal PDF

Access a PDF copy of the appraisal with one click

Need to reference the appraisal? No problem. Click on the PDF button in the Quality Edge report header and the appraisal will appear in a separate window for quick review, or simply drag it to a second monitor to reference throughout your review.

Comp Grid with Photos

Identify the property in question in an instant

Quality Edge automatically anchors comp grids with photos of the subject property and all comparables, making it much easier to identify the property in question, at-a-glance.

Dynamic Report Tabs

Evaluate findings according to property type

Quality Edge knows the type of property and type of appraisal report you’re reviewing, and adjusts its categories accordingly. For example, when reviewing a condo, you can expect to see categories for “Project” and “Unit Description” that you won’t see with a single family residence.

Intuitive Interface: Built for Speed

Quality Edge’s advanced design and intuitive user interface mean faster answers, faster decisions, and faster ramp-up times.

Start Making Better Decisions, Faster

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Reviewing appraisals has never been this easy (or enjoyable).

Quality Edge is the next-generation appraisal review technology for today’s lenders and AMCs. You get 100% compliant appraisals with an interface that’s so intuitive that appraisal reviews take a fraction of the time they would take with other review technologies.

At Centric, we believe there is such a thing as being too thorough. Unnecessary rules and too much information lead to wasted time and needless holdups. Yesterday’s bulky appraisal review software systems can’t be easily pared down. As a result, you waste a lot of time sifting, scrolling and searching through irrelevant information.

Fortunately, there is a smarter, streamlined alternative. Appraisal reviews no longer have to be burdensome and frustrating.

Quality Edge’s intuitive design is the result of hundreds of layers of meticulous analysis by our software developers and industry beta testers. It does its job, then gets out of the way.

It’s powerful enough to deliver analysis your way. Quality Edge analyzes appraisals according to all major guidelines and regulations, can be customized with your unique rules, and can even be configured with your own algorithms. But unlike the sluggish, bulky appraisal review systems of yesterday, Quality Edge trims the fat and takes intuitive direct paths to provide important information without making you search for it.

From its at-a-glance sidebar menu, to its always-on, one-click checklist, Quality Edge provides everything you need to advance to the next step on one screen—no scrolling required. You won’t need one keystroke or mouse click, until you’re ready to dig deeper.

Whether your appraisal review process is based on manual processes or old-school software that was developed in the 2000s, you’ll be amazed at how advanced appraisal review can be with Quality Edge.

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