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Interactive Solutions for the Valuation Industry

CentricCVP™ offers a full, end-to-end platform, as well as modular solutions to address your business needs. We host our solutions using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology and we can accommodate locally-hosted solutions for organizations with the most stringent security requirements. Our unique data architecture makes it easy to seamlessly integrate any full or partial solution with your existing systems.

Collateral Valuation Platform & Products:

CVP Quality Edge™ Portal

Get the edge on higher quality Reports with our robust QC Platform. Learn More

Collateral Valuation Data & Tools:

Integrated Data & Tools

Make the most of your data with advanced analytics and integration. Learn More

Appraisal Reports

CentricCVP™ Appraisal features a fully compliant 1004 with integrated USPAP guidance. Learn More

Our Solutions for

Get Higher Quality Reports

Isn't higher quality your goal?

Our intuitive, simplified, easy report preparation without form filling allows users to focus on valuation and analysis instead of shifting rules and confusing field codes. Go beyond simple reports and be master of your data with Centric's comprehensive data capture and storage.

  • Receive instant help with field level guidance and rule automation in valuation and review modules
  • Generate full-context reports with a rules engine smart enough to prompt for commentary
  • Collaborate using in-system messaging and instantaneous rules validation to eliminate endless rounds of review, return and repeat
  • Capture all notes, report changes, and communications between valuation user and reviewer
  • Know your providers are compliant with timely, in-system regulatory updates
  • Ensure new and experienced users can focus on valuation and analysis

See Consistent Results, Every Time

Get reliable results every time

Centric simplifies and eliminates inefficiencies in the valuation process, and brings users together in a unified, securely partitioned, data-aware marketplace platform. We've cracked the codes behind complicated data standards and regulations and developed a fully-loaded tool kit that can be configured to reflect your business processes and rules. We've made it easier and quicker for users to be compliant, complete reports, understand the data, and get business done.

  • Centric applies rules and policies across all levels, automatically
  • Uniform layouts with immediate system feedback
  • Get more, do more, and create more value in less time

Take Back Control

Tired of chasing compliance? Waiting through rounds of review cycles? Playing telephone and email tag with vendors and service providers?

Centric gives control back to you. Your new, truly configurable platform enforces lender policies, regulations, data standards, and your business needs ACROSS ALL LEVELS.

Stay Compliant

Don't wait several revision cycles to get what you asked for the first time.

Our powerful, fully-customizable rules engine validates and enforces rules and standards as users work. A worksheet-style interface guides report producers and reviewers through the process and immediately validates rules and reacts to their input.

  • Embedded USPAP and UAD guidance
  • Automated rules enforced at the product, order, worksheet, and field level
  • Regular and timely regulatory updates in the application

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Meeting Every Party's Needs


  • Reduced Cost
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Tracking Capability
  • Increased Quality/Speed


  • Visibility
  • Reduced Cost
  • Increased Speed
  • Improved Accuracy


  • Regulatory Education
  • Fewer Revision Cycles
  • Increased Income Potential

Why Centric?

The owners of Centric have been in the valuation and technology businesses for over 20 years, as a provider of collateral valuation solutions. The CentricCVP™ (Collateral Valuation Platform) is the first and only software platform and set of tools that allows visibility and control throughout the entire appraisal process, for lenders, AMCs and appraisers. Embedded guidance, validation, and review features support the highest and best output quality from report development to data collection and analysis, to quality review.

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Official Partner

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Centric is offering USPAP and accompanying guidance as an added resource for real property appraisers. The USPAP guidelines are embedded into the platform and aligned with individual fields on the 1004 form.

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